The InSpire Group consists of a number of companies that share one vision: to contribute with strong management and financing skills to the growth of companies in the clean tech and socially responsible investment area.

About the group:

InSpire Group


The core investment entity of the Group is InSpire AS which has in most cases controlling interests in the various entities of the Group. It also holds financial investments and direct private equity investments in among others medical technology and nanotechnology. InSpire Invest is seed and “angel” investor to new projects, and project initiator in developing countries.

InSpire Ventures:

Electric Mobility


InSpire was the seed financier of Move About, a car sharing concept that spun out of Think,producer at the time of the first fully EU approved electric vehicles .

Move About is today active with over 100 vehicles in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, specialized in Corporate Mobility on demand..

Advisory Group:

About inSpire Invest


Although there is an increasing awareness of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues among financial analysts, there is still a lot of confusion with regard to the materiality of these issues on companies' valuation and how to integrate them into their analysis. Inspire Invest has since 2003 built a core competency to bridge the gap between financial analysis and corporate governance research providers and the end users in the investment community. Our objective is to assist fund managers to translate and integrate extra-financial research into their investment strategies.

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