Professor Jan-Olaf Willums, founder of the InSpire Foundation for Business and Society is the prime author of: The Primer for Responsible Investment Management of Endowments (PRIME), an initiative by the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development to ensure that the assets endowed to foundations will be invested responsibly in line with the foundations' ethical and long-term sustainability objectives.

The aim of this Toolkit is to provide more clarity and greater understanding for all interested parties about how to better implement responsible investment practices.

PRIME Toolkit is intended for trustees, officers and directors of foundations and it addresses the following questions:

• Why should my foundation be interested in Responsible Investment at all?
• Should my foundation's boards be concerned about how our endowment is invested?
• Which Responsible Investment approaches are most appropriate to our foundation's overall mission and goals?
• Can a Responsible Investment strategy give returns equivalent to other investment approaches?
• What does this approach mean in terms of my fiduciary responsibility?

Here is a link to the Prime Leaflet:

PRIME Leaflet

Here is a link to the Prime Toolkit:


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