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Inspire Invest is an advisory group specialised in responsible investment strategy and implementation.


About inSpire Invest


Although there is an increasing awareness of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues among financial analysts, there is still a lot of confusion with regard to the materiality of these issues on companies' valuation and how to integrate them into their analysis. Inspire Invest has since 2003 built a core competency to bridge the gap between financial analysis and corporate governance research providers and the end users in the investment community. Our objective is to assist fund managers to translate and integrate extra-financial research into their investment strategies.

Sector risk reports

Our sector risk reports outline the main risks and opportunities posed by extra financial issues at present and in the future for individual sectors, as well as outlining the best company performers and laggards within the sector. This service is intended to assist fund managers in identifying those extra financial risks most material to company performance, as well as highlighting upcoming risks. These sector risks assessments are updated regularly with input from our work undertaken under the INAVAL project, which includes contributions from sector experts, industry specialists, financial and extra-financial analysts and academics. We believe this work reflects more accurate assessment of the materiality of ESG issues.


From July 2005 to Dec 2010, Inspire Invest has been advising I.D.E.A.M. on its responsible investment strategy. Integral Development Asset Management (I.D.E.A.M) is a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Asset Management Group specialised in responsible investment. I.D.E.A.M's assets under management in 2005 amounted to EUR 1,2 billion.and in 2010 to EUR 4,0 billion. By that time I.D.E.A.M. (the fully acquired by and integrated in the Credit Agricole Group) acquired the Inspire Invest team in London.

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