About inSpire Invest


Although there is an increasing awareness of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) issues among financial analysts, there is still a lot of confusion with regard to the materiality of these issues on companies' valuation and how to integrate them into their analysis. Inspire Invest has since 2003 built a core competency to bridge the gap between financial analysis and corporate governance research providers and the end users in the investment community. Our objective is to assist fund managers to translate and integrate extra-financial research into their investment strategies.

InSpire Invest is a dedicated advisory group specialised in extra-financial and corporate governance company assessment. Together our team members combine experience within the investment services sector and expert knowledge in ESG and sustainable development themes.

Our focus is on defining in-depth sector risk and opportunity profiles for ESG issues, enabling our clients to bring into perspective analysis received from research providers. Inspire Invest entered into a long-term partnership agreement with a research provider, through which we have access to a global coverage of company ESG performance information. However, our services can also be adapted to clients with existing research provider contracts. This process allows us to develop a third-generation interpretative analysis of corporate risks and opportunities related to intangible assets.We have been working for large banks, such as Credit Agricole, specialized agencies, such as the IFC Corporate Governance Forum, and service providers, such as DNV.

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