InSpire South Africa


In 2006, Dr. Willums and to local partners, Henri Thompson and Michael Feldner created InSpire South Africa. Both local partners had extensive venture capital and management consulting experience and a keen interest in developing sustainable investments in the Southern African region.Michael Feldner is advisor to E&Co , the Rockefeller initiated solar development organization.

Focusing on the implementation of sustainable investments in Cleantech and innovative financing with a “social dividend”, InSpire South Africa is serving as a partner company for the ZEM ENERGY INITIATIVE targeting to install electicity to one million people by 2020 in the world, and through Inspire South Africa also to outh Afriuca and the region.

ZEM ENERGY's key themes are to implement financial innovation and cleantech projects by applying commercial principles. Dr. Willums is assisting the local operation in creating awareness among international investors and in his role as strategic investment advisor. The team has already identified a series of interesting investment opportunities

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