2002: Foundation for Business and Society starts a research project on corporate governance, among others in cooperation with the Global Corporate Governance Forum of the World Bank.

2003: Inspire Invest becomes a partner in this project and develops a corporate governance assessment tool which was used by IDEAM and by a number of universities (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

2004: IDEAM and Inspire Invest start to look into other issues, including environmental and social issues and set up the INAVAL Think Tank with the Foundation Franco-Norvegienne as sponsor. DNV and Inspire Invest acquire CoreRatings and guide its development into a risk-focused extra-financial rating agency.

2005: InSpire Invest takes over the research (non-solicited rating) part of CoreRatings from DNV and CoreRatings’ research team is merged with Innovest. Inspire Invest enters a partnership with Innovest giving global access to research and data, and develops for I.DE.AM a comprehensive research model including extra financial and corporate governance criteria.

2006: IDEAM and Inspire Invest are developing a business intelligence tool which aims at detecting early signals of ESG issues.

2008: IDEAM bought our rating activities in the UK.

2010: Inspire Invest provides complete SRI data and advisory services to the DNV SRI program

2011: Inspire Invest starts dialogue with Real Time Monitor to adapt their tool to the SPIDER project

2012: The Spider Project is being expanded with "critical SRI keywords" being added into the RTM data capturing model.The objective is an eExpansion of the SRI work procedures with state of the art internet tools.

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