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Investing in the future

We invest and take an active role in companies that are driving positive change and creating sustainable solutions for the future.

At Inspire Invest, we are more than just investors; we are active contributors in the companies we believe in.

Our expertise lies in recognizing potential in technology, driving sustainability and innovation. By carefully selecting and supporting businesses that promise not only growth but also a positive impact on our future, we lead the way in responsible and forward-thinking investment.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Markets

We invest in companies with a vision that have the power to redefine industries, and shape the market. Our approach is guided by research, extensive market knowledge, and a commitment to sustainable growth.

Partners in Progress

At Inspire Invest, our mission is to be more than a source of capital. We are partners aligning with visionary entrepreneurs and companies. Our investment portfolio reflects our belief in a sustainable future, with a focus on innovative technologies and environmentally conscious initiatives. We bring a network of expertise, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to long-term success.

Driving Sustainable Innovation

We are dedicated to driving sustainable innovation through strategic investments.

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to environmental and technological advancement. We understand that today’s investments are tomorrow’s legacies, so we focus on opportunities that promise not only financial returns but also positive impacts on society and the environment. Our team combines financial acumen with a deep understanding of sustainable technologies to create a better future.

Inspire Invest Today

Inspire Invest is today a seed capital investor and advisor to start-ups around the world. But its origin stem from its work no ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) 

For many years, InSpire Invest was a dedicated adviser to large financial institutions on extra-financial and corporate governance and sustainable development themes. With the increasing focus on the need for new solutions to combat climate change, we have used this insight to initiate projects provide seed financing for entrepreneurs across Europe.

Today Inspire invest has offices in Oslo (at the headquarters of DNVGL) and in France and holds shares in about 10 early stage / start up companies and project initiatives. 

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