Commitment to Education and Awareness in Business

The Foundation has since its beginning focused on reaching the next generation of business leaders to expose them to the concept of sustainable development. It order to do this, the Foundation has worked with AIESEC, the worlds largest student organization to promote seminars and courses. Special seminars have been arranged in academic institutions both in Scandinavia and France, as well as in emerging countries like Costa Rica and Morocco.

Focus on the Finance Sector:

The Foundation believes that sustainable development has its greatest leverage in international finance and for this reason it has placed high importance in promoting research and projects linked to Socially Responsible Investments and corporate governance.



In 2004, the InSpire Foundation for Business and Society launched the research program INAVAL (Intangible Asset Valuation), which was studying the mechanisms of value creation and identifies the value drivers linked to intangible assets. This multiyear program was a cooperation among the Foundation for Business and Society, the Bellagio Foundation, IDEAM in France, DNV in Norway, and it also involves 120 master students from the Norwegian School of Management annually.

SPIDER Project

With the co-funding of the Foundation Franco-Norvegienne, and IDEAM, the InSpire Foundation was the initiator and seed funder of the SPIDER project (Sustainable project Indicator and Evaluation Research), which has explored the use of advanced data search tools to identify and capture intangible values. This project has resulted in a practical tool, still called SPIDER, for identifying “hidden” information of relevance for the financial analysis of firms’ true environmental, social and economic performance.


Professor Jan-Olaf Willums, founder of the InSpire Foundation for Business and Society is the prime author of: The Primer for Responsible Investment Management of Endowments (PRIME), an initiative by the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development to ensure that the assets endowed to foundations will be invested responsibly in line with the foundations' ethical and long-term sustainability objectives.

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