Today, Inspire Invest is a seed capital investor, with its origin emerging from the WBCSD and our pioneering ESG work have become part of our DNA.

2002: Inspire Invest and the Foundation start a research project on corporate governance, in cooperation with the Global Corporate Governance Forum of the World Bank.

2003: Inspire Invest develops a corporate governance assessment tool which was used by the French IDEAM (acquired by Credit Agricole) and set up the INAVAL Project backed by the Foundation Franco-Norvegienne.

2004: DNV and Inspire Invest acquire CoreRatings and guide its development into a risk-focused extra-financial rating agency.

2005: InSpire Invest takes over the research (non-solicited rating) part of CoreRatings from DNV and CoreRatings’ research team is merged with Innovest. 

2006: IDEAM and Inspire Invest start developing a business intelligence tool which aims at detecting early signals of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues.

2008 IDEAM /Credit Agricole acuires Inspire Invest’s rating activities in the UK.

2010: Inspire Invest provides complete SRI data and advisory services to the DNV SRI program.

2012: The Spider Project is being launched to expanded the SRI work procedures with state of the art internet tools. 

2015: The prototype tool is being used in connection with the first DNVGL Global Opportunity Report. 

2018: Inspire Invests uses the extended tool as decision support for the climate strategy advise to the Environmental and Social Advisory Council (ESAC) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London.

2019: Dr. Willums was invited to be on the advisory board of Arabesque capital, chaired by Georg Kell of the UN Global Compact, and transfers the work and experience to be integrated in their AI-based version of Inspire’s SPIDER project.

2020: Inspire Invest uses its ESG tool for all its presently active seed investment work, which includes

  • ZEM (Zero Emission Marine, battery) 
  • ZET (Zero Emission Transport software)
  • PRIME (Li Ion Battery production )
  • Move About (E car sharing)
  • Current AS (Charging software) 

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